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All about our Hotel Receptionist Course

All about our Hotel Receptionist Course

When you are a hotel receptionist you are the front line of your hotel, you are the first thing people will see. Chances are that you are also the place that people will go if they have a problem that needs fixing.

With this in mind, in order to be successful at providing the very best service to your customers. Also you are going to need to have a good level of communication, of customer service and of organisation too.

Of course, there is a good chance that this will come naturally to you. But what if you need a little helping hand in order to be the very best that you can be?

If this is the case for you then you might want to consider taking a look at our hotel receptionist training.

What is the Hotel Receptionist Course?

This particular course is designed especially for those who work within a hotel or a hospitality environment. Thus providing them will all the knowledge and skills that they need to be effective in this role.

Whilst it is hugely beneficial for receptionists, it is also a good course for those who are concierges as well as customer service assistants too. In fact, anyone who may need to tackle some of the front of house tasks can benefit from this course.

It is delivered online and there are short sections that you need to pass through before taking the final assessment. The entire course only takes around 3 hours to complete and it is perfect for sitting in your own time, away from work.

What does the course cover?

As we have already mentioned, this course is designed and formulated to fit in with the required skills for those who work as a hotel receptionist.

The Hotel Receptionist Training is divided into six easy to follow modules. Each of which will introduce you to the world of the hotel reception.

In the first module

of the course, you will learn about the personal attributes that are required in a front of house role. Specifically focusing on the key skills, attitudes, and qualities that will be expected of you.

In the second module

of the course, students will gain an insight into the hotel reception workstation. Exploring the importance of maintaining an orderly workstation for productivity.

The third module

of the training will allow you to learn about the operations of the hotel and the receptionist’s role in everyday operations. As you progress through this module you will develop your hotel knowledge and understanding. Then covering topics such as hotel rating systems and room types.

The fourth module

of the course will guide you through the booking process in detail. Teaching you the entire process from welcoming guests and checking them into responding to special requests. Also taking payments and managing the check-out process.

In the fifth module

of the training, you will learn in detail the check-in process and how to make guests feel welcome and well looked after. The material that you study will explain the importance and function of the pre-arrival checklist. Along with how rooms are allocated and the various stages in the check-in process.

The final module

of the training will focus on the check-out process and how you can ensure that guests leave the hotel with a positive impression of the hotel.

Overall, this course is an excellent foundation on receptionist in Hotel, which to build your knowledge and skills.  Ultimately giving you the know-how that you need to succeed as a professional hotel receptionist.

Here at The Training Terminal, we take our training courses seriously. Which means that we have designed courses that provide absolutely everything that you need in order to have the right skills and knowledge to be successful in your line of work.

So, if you are new to working within the hotel industry, or you have been working within it for a number of years. But you want to improve your skills, then why not check out this course, as well as some of the other courses that we have on offer? hotel receptionist course online.


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