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26 Sep 2020

How to Stay GDPR Compliant

Personal data is a big thing to talk about these days, and with that comes GDPR. Our personal data a precious resource and one that we freely surrender to the internet to make purchases and sign up for things. This means that personal information is a trusted resource, and there are safeguards to have been...
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3 Sep 2020

Natasha’s Law – What Does it Mean For You?

Unfortunately, one of the primary concerns of any industry is that something will happen which will put unwanted media attention onto the said industry. For the food preparation industry, this came in the form of a 15-year-old child called Natasha, who died from eating a sandwich that contained something she was allergic to. Consequently, from...
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30 Aug 2020

Exploring Our New COVID-19 Course

 A large part of what we do as a provider of online training courses is to make sure that we are constantly giving you up-to-date and relevant knowledge. In the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, this means that we have created a brand-new training course for anybody who wants to learn some valuable new skills. There...
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19 Jul 2020

The Benefits of Health and Safety Level 2 Online Courses

The benefits of Health & Safety are numerous, something that you will need no matter the industry. Taking an online course is widely considered to be one of the best ways that someone can go about self improving. However, there are certain courses which are going to be more advantageous than others to you. The...
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