COSHH Awareness
This COSHH training course is designed to give workers knowledge of the health risks surrounding work with hazardous substances.
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2-3 hours

About the Course

Within this COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training you will learn in detail about the risks that may be present in the hospitality industry, and specifically in relation to hazardous substances. Your training will explore the COSHH regulations and the steps you can take to reduce exposure, improving COSHH Awareness. The material that you will study allows you to understand and undertake a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) risk assessment, identify and use the correct signage for your work activities and specific hazards and risks associated with the various hazardous substances.

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

Through this training, you will become competent and confident in the identification of risks associated with hazardous substances. The learning journey that you will complete will be high quality, immersive experience with interactive elements to reinforce learning and you will immediately see the benefits of completing your training with us. When you study one of our courses, they are delivered entirely online so you can complete your training at a time and place that suits you provided that you have access to the internet.

Our COSHH Awareness training is a comprehensive course designed to cover all aspects of hazard identification and problem resolution so you can minimise the risks associated with hazardous substances and work safely and effectively.

Course Content

Our COSHH Awareness course is divided into 7 easy to follow modules which consist of:

COSHH Introduction – In the first module of the COSHH Awareness training course, you will develop a good understanding of what the regulations relate to, you should be able to identify hazardous substances and recognise the health implications of working with these substances. Students will also explore why COSHH is important and the obligations of employers.

COSHH Process – COSHH regulations state that employers must implement steps to remove or restrict exposure. In the second module of this course you will learn the seven steps in the COSHH process being able to recognise the importance of a risk assessment, understand how to take precautions to reduce the risk, explore how to implement control measures, put in place effective strategies to monitor exposure levels, carry out health surveillance and ensure that all employees are adequately trained.

Warning Symbols – There are various warning signs and symbols that can be used to identify hazardous substances. In this module you will understand the four different types of sign, differentiating between prohibition, warning, mandatory and emergency signs, understand the different colours associated with each sign and identify firefighting signs. The module will then introduce you to the importance of labels on chemical packaging and how you can identify these.

COSHH Legislation – As you study Module 4 you will learn about the various pieces of legislation that relate to COSHH. You should be able to recognise the different pieces of legislation such as the Control of Lead at Work Regulations, Control of Asbestos Regulations, Ionising Radiation Regulations and Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations and understand when they should be used and how to ensure full and consistent compliance. Students will also study Approved Codes of Practice and employer obligations in respect of the legislation.

Hazards and risks – In the fifth module of this COSHH Awareness course students will learn about the hazards and risks associated with hazardous substances, looking specifically at health conditions and ill health. You will be able to identify how conditions such as dermatitis are caused and exacerbated by exposure to hazardous substances or how certain environments can cause conditions such as asthma. Students will also be able to work with RIDDOR and recognise the importance of safety data sheets and emergency procedures.

Risk Assessments – Being able to conduct an in depth risk assessment is an important element of the COSHH process. In this module, students will be able to conduct a detailed risk assessment, recognising the five steps; identifying the hazards, deciding who may be harmed and how, evaluating the risks, recording findings and carrying out a review. The module will also explore good practice and the hierarchy of control measures.

Monitoring and surveillance – The final module of the COSHH training course will discuss the importance of ongoing monitoring and surveillance in the workplace. You should be able to understand the importance of ongoing monitoring such as health surveillance and accurate recording and reporting.


The COSHH Awareness course is delivered as an e-learning course through interactive slides, allowing you to study anywhere, anytime at your own pace. At the end of each section, test your knowledge and if you pass the final end of course test by completing 21 out of 30 questions correctly, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion.

Duration and Time Limit

Our COSHH Awareness course can be completed in approximately 2 hours and is self-paced so you can study for as long or as little as you wish.


All of our courses, including our COSHH Awareness course, offered by the Training Terminal have been fully endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

We Only Work With The Very Best

Our training courses are written and managed by hospitality professionals with many years’ experience in their field. You will be learning from the best and you will come away from your training inspired by mentors who understand your aspirations and requirements.

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Course Modules

  • COSHH Introduction
  • COSHH Process
  • Warning Symbols
  • COSHH Legislation
  • Hazards and risks
  • Risk Assessments
  • Monitoring and survelience

Recent Reviews

"This course was short, useful, to the point and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused."
"Good, very informative."
"Excellent course consisting of vital information that is necessary when working with hazardous substances. I gave this course 4 stars because I found the wording of some of the end of module questions to be in conflict with what I read and heard while undertaking the modules. This led to me giving a few incorrect answers."
"The course was easy to follow and easy to enrol"
"Slightly repetitive"
"wow,very constructive and very easy to do."
"very informative and easy to follow"
"Had a great learning experience"
"Enjoyed the course. great slides and questions. Clear spoken course."
"Great course"