Disability Awareness
Ensures your staff know how to sensitively respond to disability, including an awareness of legislation and the proper processes to follow.
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About our Course

In the hospitality industry you have a duty to provide the best possible experience for all of your customers including those with a disability rendering Disability Awareness as essential for all staff. This course will help you become more aware of disability and how you can better tailor your business to meet the needs of the disabled.

The first section of the course will introduce you to the different types of disability and how you can demonstrate a greater level of awareness as well as customer care tips that you can implement to better serve your disabled customers.

The course will also cover some of the different types of disability such as wheelchair users, the blind or visually impaired and those with a hearing impairment. You will also learn how you can make small but useful adaptations to your premises to make them easier for the disabled to navigate.

Who Should Complete this Disability Awareness Course?

This online Disability Awareness Training course is suitable for individuals in the work environment who want to understand more about their responsibilities regarding disability in the workplace. The course is written at an introductory level and no previous knowledge is required.

Course Content

What’s covered?

  • Disabled Customers and You
  • Dealing with Disability
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Mental Health


The Disability Awareness course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.


Our Disability Awareness course is accessed through a dedicated learner portal. Your course material is presented in an interactive and easy to follow presentation enabling you to study at your own pace. The course is divided into simple sections with a short quiz at the end of each to test your knowledge. Once you have progressed through each of the course sections you can complete an end of course quiz which consists of 10 multiple choice questions based on the material that you have studied. In order to pass the course you will need to answer 8 out of 10 questions successfully (80% pass). Once you have passed the course you can download your course certificate in PDF from your learner area. If you don’t pass the course first time, don’t worry, you can resist the test as many times as required.

Duration and Time Limit

The Disability Awareness course takes approximately 1 hour to complete, although there is no time limit and you can do it in your own time and in stages.


After passing the Disability Awareness course you can immediately download your PDF certificate, which is fully endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

Disability Awareness Course

We Only Work with the Very Best

Our Disability Awareness course has been written in association with Health and Safety Practitioners with many years experience in their field. You will be learning from the best and you will come away from your training inspired by mentors who understand your industry.

Group Training

If you are responsible for training a large number of staff, you may also be interested in our group training portal www.onehospitality.co.uk. Our well established system allows you to easily track and record who has received and completed the training, while reducing the need for administration and paperwork.


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Course Modules

  • Disability Awareness

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