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Why First Aid is Vital in the Workplace

Why First Aid is Vital in the Workplace

We all know that when it comes to keeping our employees safe and ensuring they are looked after. One of the most important things to think about has to be first aid at work. It is now illegal not to have first aid provisions in your workplaces, and for some companies, it is even stated that by law they must have an HSE approved first aider.

We know the importance of first aid training in the workplace, and therefore we have put together this blog post to showcase some of the reasons why it should always be top of your list of training courses.

According to a study carried out by Business Zone, it is thought that as many as 150,000 people die in the UK every year from injuries that could be treated with first aid. Of course, not all of these happen in the workplace. However, it is thought that there are around 200,000 injuries (both minor and major) that are occurring every year in workplaces throughout the UK.

It keeps your employee’s safe

One of the most important things that first aid can do is keep your employee’s safe when they are working. Ambulances can take up to 8 minutes to arrive on average, which means that in a life and death situation, first aid can really make the difference.

Which boosts their morale

Knowing that they are being looked after is a great way to boost the morale of your staff. This means that not only will they feel happier about being in work, but they will also be encouraged to work harder for you too.

It reduces the number of accidents

Whilst a large chunk of first aid is dealing with accidents as and when they happen, another part is a risk assessment. Trained individuals in first aid will be able to recognise things that could be seen as a risk factor and advise you on steps to change this. This is ideal for businesses that are slightly more risk heavy, as well as those that may not pose many risks at all.

It doesn’t cost the Earth

One of the reasons that many businesses who are not required by law to have a first aider decide not to is cost. However, one thing that surprises many is that these courses don’t have to cost a large chunk of any training budget. Not only this, awareness courses often only take a matter of hours to complete. So this means that there is not too much time taken out of work.

Think that it is time that you invested in some quality first aid training for your business? If you do, then it may be time to come to The Training Terminal. Our comprehensive courses cover everything that your employees will need to know about first aid, and make sure that they everyone is kept safe, each and every day that they are in work.

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