Food Allergen Training – Level 2
This course covers all the essential information on dealing with allergens when preparing, serving and selling food – including the new regulations.
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2 hours

About our Food Allergens Course

Our Food Allergens course is designed for all food handlers who have a legal responsibility to ensure that the food they manufacture, sell and/or serve is safe for the consumer to eat. This is particularly true when providing food products to people with a food allergy or intolerance.

The aim of this Food Allergen course is to increase awareness and expand your knowledge of allergies and intolerances. Consumers must be well informed about their choices and if asked you must provide customers with detailed information about the ingredients contained in any food item or beverage that you prepare and/or serve. There is no known cure for allergies. The only way that a consumer can prevent a reaction is to avoid the food allergen completely. Allergies can also vary in severity and for some consumers, even a trace amount of an allergen could result in a severe and potentially life threatening reaction. As you progress through the Food Allergens course you will learn about the 14 allergens in detail, the symptoms, how to label food products, the importance of avoiding cross contamination and practical steps you can take to reduce the risk when preparing or serving food and drink.

What is the law regarding Food Allergens?

The course covers essential information on dealing with food allergens when preparing, serving and selling food. The content of the course has been developed in line with regulations including the new Food Labelling Regulations – EC1169/2011 as well as the European Provision of Food Information to Consumers Regulation 2011. Both require all food handlers to have knowledge of food allergens and be able to provide allergen information for all food sold.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for food handlers in all types of food establishments, including catering, retail and manufacturing businesses. The course is appropriate for workers at all levels from managers and supervisors, through to junior members of the team and is suitable for both full-time and part-time employees.

Course Content

Our Food Allergens course is broken down into 3 easy to follow modules: –

Understanding Food Allergens – This module will educate you about common allergies in the food industry. In particular it will explore what causes them and the importance of providing sufferers of allergies or intolerances with up to date information about allergens in the food that they may order.

Dealing with Food Allergens – In this module you will acquire the knowledge to be able to read and understand allergy information on pre-packed food labels. The requirements for communicating allergens to customers have changed considerably and in this module we will explore the latest requirements.

Serving of Non-Packed Foods – In this section you will learn how to effectively prepare and serve non-packed food while keeping in mind your existing knowledge of allergies and intolerances.


All of our food safety courses, including this Food Allergen course, are approved by The Royal Society in the Prevention of Accidents. The ROSPA stamp of approval means you can be assured that our course content is the very best the market has to offer and is up to scratch with regards best practice and legislative information. Additionally, the course is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.


Our Food Allergen course is presented as a slide show and the content is broken down into simple sections.  At the end of each part there are some multiple-choice questions that allow you to test your knowledge before moving on to a new section. Upon completing the course you will need to take the quiz, which consists of 10 multiple-choice questions. You will need to get a minimum of 7 questions right to pass the course and receive your certificate, which you will be able to download immediately in PDF format. Should you fail the quiz you can redo the course as many times as necessary.

Duration and Time Limit

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete, although there is no time limit and you can do it in your own time and in stages.


After passing the Food Allergen course you can immediately download your PDF certificate, which is fully accredited by ROSPA and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

We only work with the very best

Our training courses are written and managed by hospitality professionals with many years’ experience in their field. You will be learning from the best and you will come away from your training inspired by mentors who understand your aspirations and requirements.

Group Training

If you are responsible for training a large number of staff, you may also be interested in our group training portal Our well-established system allows you to easily track and record who has received and completed the training, while reducing the need for administration and paperwork.

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Course Modules

  • Understanding Food Allergens
  • Dealing with Food Allergens
  • Serving Non-Packed Food

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