Health & Safety – Level 2
This course will give you a thorough understanding of health and safety issues in the workplace and how you can prevent accidents from occurring.
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2 - 3 hours

About the Course

By law, a basic understanding of health and safety is essential for all employees in all industries to ensure that workplace risks are recognised and managed effectively, that is why it highly recommended you book your Health & Safety Level 2 Course now.

By completing the Health and Safety Level 2 Course you will gain a thorough understanding of health and safety issues at work and learn about the various steps you can take to prevent all kinds of workplace accidents. The course will also provide guidance on the correct course of action if an accident does occur at work.

This  Health & Safety Level 2 Course provides an excellent foundation for the development and implementation of health and hygiene level 2 strategies to reduce the risk to yourself and fellow colleagues in a number of industries.

Who Should Complete this Course?

This Health & Safety Level 2 Course is perfect for employees in any business who require health and safety level 2 training. It is also suitable for individuals who are self-employed and individuals who wish to increase their awareness of health and safety in the workplace, or prepare for entry to a new job.  We also offer a Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Course that may be of additional benefit to you. We also offer an array of others courses that may be of interest to you.

Do You Comply With the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

Under Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers have a duty to provide training for their employees to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, their health and safety at work.

The Health and Safety (Training for Employment) Regulations 1990 also state that learners doing work experience must be covered by health and safety law and so will also require training. This online health and safety course ensures that you comply with these laws by providing an adequate level of information suitable for all employees.

Course Content

The Health and Safety Level 2 Course is broken down into four easy to follow modules: –

Health and Safety at Work Legislation and Obligations – In this module we look at the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and how you can stay on the right side of the law.  We also examine Risk Assessments and how they can be used to keep people in the workplace safe.

Accidents at Work – Here you will now learn about some of the more common accidents that take place in the workplace – such as slips, sprains and coming into contact with hazardous substances – and how they can be prevented.

Personal Protective Equipment and Dealing with Asbestos – This part of the course examines the various types of Personal Protective Equipment that can be utilised to keep employees safe. We’ll also look at the aches and pains associated with Display Screen Equipment before moving on to the various concerns surrounding Asbestos and employer obligations for dealing with it.

Fires, First Aid and General Health – In this module you’ll learn what to do in the event of a fire – and how to prevent it from occurring in the first place. We then move on to First Aid and how to deal with incidents before finishing off the course with a look at workplace stress and how to reduce it.


The Health and Safety Level 2 Course is presented as a slide show and the content is broken down into simple sections.  At the end of each part there are some multiple-choice questions that allow you to test your knowledge before moving on to a new section. Upon completing the course you will need to take the Quiz, which consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. You will need to get a minimum of 21 questions right (70%), to pass the Health and Safety course and receive your certificate, which you will be able to download immediately in PDF format. Should you fail the quiz you can redo the course as many times as necessary.


Both our Food Safety & Hygiene and our Health and Safety Level 2 Courses are approved by The Royal Society in the Prevention of Accidents. The ROSPA stamp of approval means you can be assured that our course content is the very best the market has to offer and is up to date with regards best practice and legislative information. Additionally, this Health & Safety Level 2 course is endorsed by Institute of Hospitality.

Duration and Time Limit

The Health & Safety Level 2 Course takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete, although you can take your time and proceed at your own pace, whenever it is convenient.


You’ll receive your ROSPA accredited certificate in PDF format the minute you pass your Health & Safety Level 2 Course. It’s that easy!

We only work with the very best

The Health & Safety Level 2 Course has been written and managed by hospitality professionals with many years experience in their field. You will be learning from the best and you will come away from your training inspired by mentors who understand your aspirations and requirements.


Course Modules

  • Health and Safety Legislation and Risk Assessments
  • Accidents at Work
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Dealing with Asbestos
  • Fires, First Aid and General Health

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