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Institute of Hospitality Endorsment

Institute of Hospitality Endorsment

Here at The Training Terminal, we are always striving to ensure that the hospitality courses and training that we offer our customers are the very best. This is why we are extremely proud and excited to learn that we have been recognised for the training that we provide across a wide range of subjects with an Institute of Hospitality endorsement.

This accreditation came from the Institute of Hospitality. This particular body has been around for more than 70 years. It works with training providers in order to ensure that the very best level of service is delivered. Especially since this training is delivered to professionals within the hospitality industry, who want to develop themselves.

The Institute of Hospitality Endorsement

So, what does this endorsement mean? More than just recognition of the level of service that training providers are able to provide. It is also a way that training providers can also better themselves. It gives a professional membership and recognition as well as an independent evaluation of the training that they are able to provide.

The customers who work with this particular training provider will know that they are getting the very best quality possible. This comes from enhanced learning materials and training programmes.

Why us?

As you can see, being accepted into the Institute of Hospitality is definitely something that we should be proud of here at The Training Terminal. The endorsement has come in across a wide variety of different training courses and subjects that we are able to provide. This includes Food Safety (both 1 and 2) Introduction to Wine, Professional Bartender and Hotel Housekeeping. Amongst plenty of other courses too.

Aside from these particular courses, The Institute of Hospitality also looked at The Training Terminal as a whole. It recognised how far we have come since being set up in 2015 and how, despite being a start-up company that is still in its early days, we have come so far.

The Institute was also incredibly impressed that we have been able to work with a number of professionals throughout the industry. They have been on hand to assist in the training materials that go alongside our suite of training courses.

The future looks bright

We felt more than just a little proud to receive the report from the Institute, and it really made us feel that our hard work has been worth it. However, for us, this isn’t enough. We want to ensure that our customers have the very best service possible. Across all of the different training courses that we offer.

Hopefully, in the future, there will be more recognition for what we provide and this will mean that we can bring more and more to the clients who trust us with their training.



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