Licensing and Social Responsibility
The Licensing and Social Responsibility course offers a comprehensive introduction to the guidelines and best practices that hospitality staff should work towards.
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2-3 hours

About the Course

The Licensing and Social Responsibility course offers a comprehensive introduction to the guidelines and best practices that hospitality staff should work towards. As you move your way through this course, you will learn all you need to know about the core licensing objectives, what they aim to achieve and how they are implemented on a licensed premises. Aimed at any hospitality professional, the material that you will study in this course is perfect if you work in a bar area, restaurant or in any role which involves serving alcohol.

The training that we provide offers aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to approach your work with greater confidence and put into practice the knowledge you have gained. Licensing and social responsibility is not just about complying with the law, it is about keeping yourselves and others safe, so everyone can enjoy a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Who should complete the Licensing and Social Responsibility Course?

If you are employed at a licensed premises, this course would be ideal for you. The principles and frameworks that you learn in this course can be taken and applied straight away once you return to work. They will help you handle conflict more easily, identify problem behaviour and know what to do in unforeseen situations.

Course Content

Our Licensing and Social Responsibility training has been structured around six core modules;

Licensing Legislation – An overview of the licensing legislation, introducing you to the Licensing Act 2003 and guiding you through the four licensing objectives. You will also learn the function of licensing authorities and how licenses are administered including the different types of licence that you can obtain. Finally you will cover risk assessments and operating schedules so you finish the module with a good foundation on which to build your knowledge for the next sections of the course.

Alcohol and Age – The second module of this training will look at children, young people and licensing law, what constitutes an offence and how you can verify the identity of anyone you suspect may be underage.

Alcohol Awareness – Increasing alcohol awareness and the dangers of excessive drinking is the focus of this module and you will explore the correct techniques and quantities for dispensing alcohol along with recommended consumption levels and alcoholic content of various drinks. The module will then go a little deeper looking at the effects of alcohol and the impact it can have on drinkers.

Social Responsibility – As you continue to build your knowledge in this training, the social responsibility section will teach you best practice when it comes to promotions, outlining specifically what is and isn’t permitted, how to serve customers responsibly, discourage irresponsible drinking and the grounds upon which you can refuse to serve customers.

Drugs and Licensed Premises – Being drug aware is crucial so you can maintain a safe environment for all. As you study this module, you will learn how to recognise drug use and/or dealing, how to identify specific types of drug and how you as a responsible member of the team can prevent drug abuse through the implementation of zero tolerance policies.

Workplace Conflict – The final module of the course will cover dealing with situations which can result in conflict, how to deal with customers appropriately to reduce hostile situations and what to do if you find yourself in a precarious situation.


Our Licensing and Social Responsibility course has been fully endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.


The interactive e-learning course allows you to study at your own pace, acquiring all of the necessary skills and knowledge easily as you progress through the various sections. Test Your Knowledge questions will reinforce your understanding as you go. At the end of the course, you will need to complete and pass a multiple-choice quiz to obtain your certificate.

Duration and Time Limit

This course can be completed in approximately 2 – 3 hours from start to finish, although you can do it in your own time.


Upon successful completion of this Licensing and Social Responsibility course, students will receive their PDF certificate.

We only work with the very best

Our training courses are written and managed by hospitality professionals with many years of experience in their field. You will be learning from the best and you will come away from your training inspired by mentors who understand your aspirations and requirements.

Group Training

If you are responsible for training a large number of staff, you may also be interested in our group training portal Our well established system allows you to easily track and record who has received and completed the training, while reducing the need for administration and paperwork.

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Course Modules

  • Licensing Legislation
  • Alcohol and Age
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Drugs and Licensed Premises
  • Workplace Conflict

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