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Master the art of the perfect coffee with our coffee course!

Master the art of the perfect coffee with our coffee course!

There are plenty of people out there that think being a barista is easy. After all, it is just making coffee, isn’t it? Of course, it is easy to make coffee, but being a master at the art of coffee is something entirely different. Our coffee barista course sets the bar high and delivers an online course like no other.

This is something that you need to learn, that you need to explore, and this is something that we can help you with.

Here at The Training Terminal, we are able to train on a wide variety of different careers, skills and learning, and believe it or not, coffee is one of those things. That is why we have developed, and are proud to present our Introduction to Coffee Course.

All about the course

It is our aim to create skilled and well-trained baristas who are able to not only understand coffee but serve it to customers crafted expertly. Gone are the days when people want a simple coffee, now you will find lattes, mochas and frappes the regular orders of the day.

This isn’t only in larger chain coffee stores, but also restaurants, smaller cafes and even in hotels.

It covers a wide range of skills that you will need, and you will learn plenty about some of the different coffees that are produced around the world.

What does the course cover?

The course itself is broken down into 4 sections that are easy to follow and understand. These can be studied online at your own pace and you will then need to answer a set number of questions to receive a PDF certificate of completion.

The 4 sections are:

  • Introduction to coffee- covering the history of coffee, how it is grown and harvested and how you can identify the different types of coffee from across the world.
  • Selecting the right equipment- showing you how the different types of coffee machine work and when they should be used.
  • Coffee creations- a more in-depth look at the more modern varieties of coffee and how you can make them yourself.
  • Equipment care- finally you will learn more about how to make sure that the equipment that you use is in the best condition possible for making delicious coffee

Each module is designed to go into more depth and ensure that you understand more about the important aspects of making the ideal cup of coffee.

How much does it cost?

One of the best bits of this particular course has to be the priced. Offered at £25 and lasting somewhere between 1-2 hours, you should definitely see this particular course as an investment in your future as a barista!

So, if you want to make the best coffee ever, what are you waiting for? Our amazing course is the ideal way for someone to get themselves into a barista role, or for a restaurant or café owner who wants to make sure that your business has a delicious boost!


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