Optimising Your Food and Beverage Menu
This course is best suited to individuals who are responsible for menu creation or for restaurant owners/managers and hotel staff.

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2 hours

About the Course

Your menu is one of the most important elements to your business. It may seem trivial, but the menu can really make or break a restaurant, café or venue serving food. Your menu functions to inform customers about the products that you sell but also communicates who you are, the identity for your business and can influence the choices customers make. Time and effort should be invested into menu creation and this course gives you the tools, resources and knowledge to build a winning menu, whether you serve customers in a café or a fine dining restaurant. This course will teach your how to optimise your Food and Beverage menus.

Who is this course suitable for?

Our Optimising Your Food and Beverage Menu course is best suited to individuals who are responsible for menu creation or for restaurant owners/managers and hotel staff who are responsible for the menu development process. This course would also be beneficial for any hospitality professional who wishes to assist with the development of menus or who would like to learn more about it to assist with other areas of their work.

Course Content

Menu Decision Making – The first module of the training will explore the importance of the menu and the purpose that it serves in the food service business. You will cover topics such as the menu lifecycle, exploring the different stages that take place in the menu development process as well as the importance of connecting your menu to your business goals and available resources. Concept development, creativity, trends and fads and decision making are also topics that will be covered.

Menu Content – With the basics covered in the first module, this section will look on a deeper level at the content that goes into the menu. It will include things like considering what to include and what to exclude, how long menu items should be placed on the menu before they are rotated or removed, crafting compelling menu descriptions and ensuring that you have all the basics covered from a content perspective.

Menu Design – The third module of the course will take you through the various design elements of menu creation. You will understand why design is important and how to choose colours, layouts and typography to effectively present the information within the menu.

Menu Pricing – In the fourth module of our Food and Beverage Menu training focus will be on menu pricing and how to set pricing that is profitable for you but attractive for customers. You will look at pricing methods and formats, cost considerations for preparing menu items and other factors that you should think about when pricing menu items.

Menu Performance – Module five will be an introduction to performance related issues surrounding your menu and what to do with underperforming items. You will learn how to evaluate performance using calculations and become familiar with menu classifications and margin analysis so you can build a profitable and successful menu for your business.


All of our courses are delivered directly online and are self-paced so you can study wherever and whenever. The course material is delivered in short sections covering each of the above units in detail and is accompanied with a short test at the end of each to reinforce what you have learned. In order to complete the course successfully you will need to pass 21 out of 30 questions in the end of course assessment.


Our Optimising Your Food and Beverage Menu course typically takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to complete although this can vary for each student. Once registered for the course there is no time limit for completion.


Once you have successfully passed the end of course assessment you can download and print an industry recognised certificate which is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

Food and Beverage - Optimising your Menu

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Course Modules

  • Menu Decision Making
  • Menu Content
  • Menu Design
  • Menu Pricing
  • Menu Performance