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Professional Waiter Course

Professional Waiter Course – Institute of Hospitality Endorsed

Here at The Training Terminal, we are dedicated to bringing a variety of courses to those who want to develop their knowledge and skills in their chosen career. Because of this, we often add new courses to our portfolio, ready for you to study and learn from.

One of the newest members of the catalogue is our Professional Waiter Course.

What is this course?

When it comes to career choices, being a waiter or waitress is often met with “oh that must be easy” or “what training would you need for that?” but the truth is that being a high-quality member of the waiting staff team isn’t as easy as you may think. This particular course has been designed to ensure that this incredibly important role within the hospitality industry is performed to the highest standard possible.

It delivers not only theoretical knowledge that relates to this job role but also teaches the practical skills to help with delivering the very best in customer service.

What does the course cover?

This particular course covers a range of aspects of working with customers within a restaurant setting. Especially how you can always provide your customers with an exceptional level of service.

The main parts of the waiter training course include:

  • Understanding the role of the waiter
  • Restaurant terminology
  • Wine types and styles
  • How to advise customers using product knowledge
  • How to serve customers properly and follow an order of service

How much is the course and how can you take it?

This waiter course can be taken online, allowing you to study the content at your own pace. After each unit that you read through you will be asked to test your knowledge, before sitting a final examination at the end of the course.  You will be required to answer at least 21 of 30 questions correctly in order to pass the course.

Once you pass you will be given a certificate which you can then show to your current employer, or perhaps to prospective employers when applying for a role with them.

It is suggested that the course will take around 2 hours for you to complete, however, as we have advised, it is online, which gives you the chance to take it at your own pace. Ideal for those who are studying alongside their current work commitments.

The professional waiter course will cost £25 excluding VAT.

With The Training Terminal you can rest assured that no matter the course that you sit with us, you will always receive the very best quality possible. We have a number of professionals writing and managing our courses, which means that you can trust in their experience and knowledge.


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