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Top Tips For a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

Top Tips For a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating

Food hygiene is a pretty important thing. Obviously, if you’re going to run a business where you prepare and sell food, you want that 5-star food hygiene rating because it is an important reassurance to customers.

How do you actually get that 5-star rating? So many businesses put a lot of effort in and ultimately wind up getting three or four stars, and this can be extremely disheartening and confusing if you’re not sure why.

So, What is the Food Hygiene Rating?

So, if we’re going to talk about exactly what you can do to improve your food hygiene rating, we should probably talk about what a food hygiene rating actually is.

Basically, the food hygiene rating is a rating awarded to any business which is involved in the preparation, selling, distributing, or handling of food as governed by the official regulatory body, the Food Standard Agency.

The rating varies from zero stars to 5 stars, and each of the different stars denotes a different level of hygiene and cleanliness. Aiming for five is the main goal of any business because it certifies you as being a trusted provider.

How to Get 5 Stars

 Okay, so how do you get five stars on your food hygiene rating? Well, there’s a couple of different things you can do.

  • Make sure that you maintain a clean and tidy food store system, ideally keeping it away from any waste products in the kitchen.
  • Adhere to basic food hygiene preparation standards, train staff in any procedures necessary, and demonstrate a level of basic hygiene awareness.
  • Develop and establish a strict cleaning schedule, making sure that all areas where food is prepared or stored regularly cleaned out and maintained, to prevent the buildup of disease or bacteria.
  • Provide regular staff training on different food hygiene and preparation procedures. Regularly provide advancement. In these areas, to make sure that they can demonstrate sufficient knowledge to safely prepare and handle food.
  • Keep accurate and adequate records of cleaning procedures, maintenance, staff training, things like that.

What do Inspections Look For?

It’s probably a good idea to know exactly what these inspections are looking for at the same time.

Basically, inspectors are looking for three main components. They want to see good food hygiene practices, structural compliance, so that the kitchen is set up in a safe way, and also to see the staff are trained in the correct fashion, and management are ready to deal with whatever challenges may occur.

In conclusion, getting a 5-star food hygiene rating is definitely a challenge, there’s a lot of people that struggle to do so, and to be able to succeed will earmark you as being a trusted provider of foodstuffs. Basically, it’s a case of following the rules and regulations as best you can, because this is what you will be judged on, and this is also the type of environment that the agency wants to see.


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