Introduction to Wine
To serve wine properly, you need to understand the different types of wine, how they’re made, and which foods they compliment. You’ll learn all this and more.
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1 - 2 hour

About the Course

As wine is now one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, demand has risen for professionals who serve wine properly. Understanding correct serving practices and demonstrating detailed knowledge of the different types of wine is important if you want to deliver a high standard of service to your customers.  The Introduction to Wine Course will provide you with the skills to serve wine properly, show you how to taste wine and teach you what wines compliment specific foods.

Who is course suitable for?

Our introduction to Wine course is suitable for anyone who is has an interest in this wonderful drink. Additionally, it is also perfect for hospitality professionals with no wine experience and who are keen to gain a thorough understanding of the types of wine and how to serve it correctly.  You also may be an experienced professional such as a waiter or waitress who would like to enhance your knowledge.

Course Content

Our Introduction to Wine Course is broken down into 3 easy to follow modules: –

The Wine Production Process – In this section of the course you will learn about the entire wine-making process – from planting the grape vines all the way through to bottling the wine.

Grape Varietals – The type of grapes that are used to produce wine will have a significant impact on how it tastes and looks. Here you will learn about the most common grape varietals, and the wines that they produce.

Serving Wine – Now that you have a background understanding of wine and how it is made, we will show you what to look for in a wine tasting, how to serve wine correctly and which wines to pair with various menu items.


This course is presented in easy to follow units, with Test Your Knowledge sections that allow you to check your understanding.  At the end of the course you will need to complete and pass a multiple-choice assessment to obtain your certificate.

Duration and Time Limit

The course can be completed in approximately 1 – 2 hours, although there is no time limit and you can do the course at your own pace.


After finishing the course and successful completion of the final assessment you can download a PDF certificate, which is fully endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

We only work with the very best

Our training courses are written and managed by hospitality professionals with many years’ experience in their field. You will be learning from the best and you will come away from your training inspired by mentors who understand your aspirations and requirements.

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Course Modules

  • The Wine Production Process
  • Grape Varietals
  • Serving Wine

Recent Reviews

"Learn something new everyday"
"good information"
"Course was very detailed and contained a lot of information. Was quite interesting to find the ins and outs about the different types of wines."
"Very interesting to learn, thank you!"
"Very Informative."
"Great course! Very imformative"
"Really enjoyed the course well planned out and easy to understand. Learnt so much about all the procedures and the types of wine. it was useful as well the information on what wine to serve with different meals."
"This was a really enjoyable course. I learned a lot about the winemaking process and how, when and what to serve it with. It has spurred me on to learn about wine in more depth in the near future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in the world of wine."
"Great Course, excellently explained"
"Good for entry level to wines"