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Why You Should Work in Hospitality?

Why You Should Work In Hospitality?

Too often, job seekers view hospitality as the service industry alone—providing the types of jobs one takes while developing a different career.  But the truth of the matter is that there are numerous strong hospitality careers and choices to be made within the hospitality industry, and plenty of other great reasons to follow hospitality careers as well. Here are just a few of them:


1.) You get to have a positive impact on others

Working in the hospitality industry, by its very nature, involves having a positive impact on other people. Whether you’re behind the scenes or interacting face to face with customers, the essence of your career is to make people happy. It’s a great motivator

2.) The world is your oyster

Travel isn’t just possible in the hospitality industry–it’s encouraged. Being well traveled, and using your skills to take work where you can learn about other countries and cultures only makes you more well-rounded and desirable as an employee. And, of course, many of your contacts will be involved in the travel industry, so you’ll be able to travel easily (and perhaps at a discount!).

3.) Internal promotion is very common

The same can’t be said for all industries. However, the hospitality industry is one of the few still available where your experience matters.  If you then bolster that experience by taking voluntary qualifications and training courses, you’ll find that doors will be opened to you.

4.) You won’t be stuck in a rut

Some people like to get up at the same time each day, stopping at the same shop for coffee, and sitting at the same desk, day in and day out. Those people might not be cut out for hospitality. But if you love acquiring new skills, tackling unique challenges, and testing out different niches in your industry, hospitality is a great choice.

5.) It’s creative

Just as hospitality careers give you the chance to try something new nearly every day, they also give you the chance to exercise your creative spirit.  In the hospitality industry, you aren’t selling services, or lodging, or sustenance. You’re selling an experience to your clients. To do that effectively, you’ll need to be creative, to put yourself in their shoes, and to bring these experiences to life.

Hospitality work careers might not be for everyone—but too many people dismiss it out of hand, and might be missing out on their perfect fit!



  1. Kerry Adams

    I love working in hospitality and most of the reasons why are listed here. Definitely the best job I’ve had so far— and I’ve been working a fair old while. Lots of opportunities to climb the ladder and to grow as a person too.

  2. David R

    It does annoy me how people and the media dismiss hospitality jobs sometimes, as if it’s not a challenging or rewarding job to have. I’ve been working in hotels since I left school and I love it.

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