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Display Screen Equipment Awareness course

Display Screen Equipment Awareness Course

We are all spending more time online than ever before – both at home and at work. As reported by the CIPD, technology has become a core component of the majority of roles across the hospitality sector and beyond.

From staying in touch with customers and suppliers, to making  and receiving orders to handling the myriad of administration needed to run a modern business – computers and mobile devices have become a fundamental part of work life.

With an increased focus on working from home where possible due to COVID-19, it is likely that spending more time on screen and less time face-to-face is going to be with us for some time to come. However, this increase in screen time is associated with some health and safety risks. Those in HR roles may wonder how best to protect staff and provide appropriate guidance on safe use of electronic equipment.

We have prepared this Display Screen Equipment Awareness course to address some of the issues that arise for employees who work in an office or from home and are routine users of desktops, laptops or other devices. We provide information on the risks associated with these types of activities and how they can be mitigated by employers and employees.

If you have questions about this training, or any of our other courses, visit our FAQ page or email our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I improve my business’ health and safety?

Here at The Training Terminal our mission is to offer comprehensive and high-quality courses for hospitality companies and employees. We provide training on a range of topics that are integral to modern hospitality business – including many topics related to Health and Safety and Business Skills.

The Display Screen Equipment Awareness course is part of our broader portfolio that aims to provide industry-standard health and safety guidance, in line with existing legislation, for hospitality employees. Our courses are unique in that unlike a conventional in-person training course, you can complete them remotely. You can go through them in one sitting or take your time – there is no deadline so you go at your own speed.

The Display Screen Equipment Awareness course takes approximately one – two hours to complete. Exact participation time varies depending on the student and the circumstances.

For companies looking to train a cohort of employees, we offer online group training options. Once you sign up, your employees will receive a link to complete our course. You can track participation and send reminders to those who have not finished the course within a set time.

What will I learn from the Display Screen Equipment Awareness?

Display Screen Equipment Awareness course is perfect for anyone who spends a significant part of their working life using computers and other devices. The training covers some of the risks of sitting stationary and looking at a screen for long periods of time.

The course overviews the major problems that can result including muscular, including eye, strain, posture problems and a reduction in well-being, with symptoms including anxiety and stress.

The modules covered in the Display Screen Equipment Awareness course include:

DSE Explained An overview and introduction of the topic and definition of key terms related to display screen equipment. This module also covers key legislation related to DSE for employers.

DSE Assessments This module covers how to conduct a DSE assessment so you can identify risks where you are working.

Workstation Setup This section takes you through the importance of an ergonomic and comfortable environment that is safe for use and will reduce the risks of stress and strain issues from prolonged screen use.

Posture and Wellbeing The final module discusses the importance of good posture when working and how that can improve wellbeing.


Will I receive a certificate for completing the Display Screen Equipment Awareness course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate once you have completed the course. To complete the course, you need to successfully finish a test that verifies you have learned the key parts from each module.

You will need to achieve a score of 21 out of 30 or greater on the final assessment. You will then be able to download and print out your certificate of completion.

Our certificate is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, which is widely recognised within the hospitality sector.



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