Coronavirus Awareness
This course will provide a comprehensive overview of coronavirus, the measures that you can take and workplace best practice.
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2 hours

About the Course

As workplaces start going back to work, a new normal is beginning to emerge. One where workplaces become secure hubs where employees can work safely. Knowing how to reduce the risk of coronavirus is important and this course will provide a comprehensive overview of coronavirus, the measures that you can take, and workplace best practice. You will learn the importance of good hygiene, the steps that you can implement to reduce transmission in the workplace, and recognise the signs and symptoms so you can take action.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for anyone at work who needs to gain a deeper awareness of coronavirus in the workplace and how it can affect day to day operations. It is also useful for hospitality staff, providing you with the knowledge you need to manage isolated guests. It is ideally suited for any employee who would like to increase their awareness of coronavirus in line with current government guidance.

Course Content

  • Coronavirus – What is it? – An introductory module to the course that will explore what coronavirus is, its origins, and the impact it can have on businesses, employees, and the wider economy.
  • Recognising the Signs – Developing an awareness of the signs of coronavirus is important. This will ensure that you and your colleagues are working safely and early steps can be taken to self isolate to prevent the spread of coronavirus amongst the workforce and to customers.
  • Coronavirus transmission – Containing the spread of coronavirus is crucial for businesses to maintain everyday operations. In this section you will learn the common sources of coronavirus transmission. You will also learn how long coronavirus can survive on different surfaces and what it means to be in close contact.
  • Prevention – Explore the steps that you can take to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus including simple steps that you can take at home and at work. You will also learn the 12 step handwashing process and what self isolation means.
  • Guests in Isolation – A dedicated unit for hospitality staff who work in hotels, this module will discuss how to effectively manage guests with actual or suspected cases of coronavirus including entering their room, providing food and supplies, and safeguarding other guests.
  • Best Practice in the Workplace – Discover the importance of conducting a coronavirus risk assessment, how to create a COVID secure workplace, and how to implement social distancing and home working policies where possible.


All of our courses are delivered directly online and are self paced so you can study wherever and whenever. The online course material is delivered in short sections covering each of the above units in detail and is accompanied with a short test at the end of each to reinforce what you have learned. In order to complete the course successfully, you will need to pass 21 out of 30 questions in the end of course assessment.


This course typically takes approximately 2 hours to complete although this can vary for each student. Once registered for the course there is no time limit for completion.


Once you have successfully passed the end of course assessment you can download and print an industry recognised certificate which is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

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