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Legionella Awareness course

Legionella Awareness course

For companies that own, operate or manage their own water systems, remaining vigilant against contagions and infectious diseases is paramount. The safety of drinking water is important for overall public health. Anyone who has oversight over water systems has a stake in responsibility for this precious resource, as well as a legal responsibility to ensure safe operation.

According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, your workplace can be at risk from Legionella if you own or operate any of the following:

  • A cooling tower or evaporative condenser.
  • Dry/wet cooling systems (sometimes referred to as hybrid or adiabatic coolers)
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Spa pools or swimming facilities.

We have prepared this Legionella Awareness course to address some of the issues that arise for landlords or business owners who have water systems in residential or commercial premises. We provide information on the risks associated with Legionella disease and how they can be mitigated by employers and employees.

If you have questions about this training, or any of our other courses, visit our FAQ page or email our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I improve my business’ health and safety?

Here at The Training Terminal we aim to offer industry-leading courses for hospitality companies and employees. We provide training on a range of topics that are central to modern hospitality business – including many topics related to Health and Safety and Business Skills.

The Legionella Awareness course is part of our programme of training that aims to provide health and safety guidance, in line with existing legislation, for business owners, landlords and employees. Our courses are unlike those offered by other vocational training providers. All of our course materials can be completed remotely, unlike a conventional in-person training. Our courses can be completed in one sitting or over several months. There are no arbitrary deadlines or fulfilment schedules to adhere to. You can fit it around your existing commitments in a way that suits you.

The Legionella Awareness course takes approximately one – two hours to complete. Exact participation time will vary, dependent on the student and their circumstances.

For companies looking to train a group of employees, we offer online group training options. After sign-up, employees can receive a link to complete the course. You can track participation and monitor completion via our easy-to-use portal.

What will I learn from the Legionella Awareness course?

The Legionella Awareness course is ideal for anyone who owns, manages or has responsibility for a business or commercial property where water systems are in use. It is also helpful for managers. It will allow you to familiarise yourself with your legal obligations and complete a thorough risk assessment to ensure that your business practices are safe.

The course overviews Legionella as a disease and why it can be a dangerous health risk which must be controlled. You will also learn what business owners and landlords are expected to do to reduce the risk of transmission. The course covers relevant legislation and the risk assessment process required to implement safe Legionella control systems.

The modules covered in the Legionella Awareness course include:

Legionella: An Introduction An overview and introduction to the pathogen, including symptoms and who can be most at risk during an outbreak.

Legal Responsibilities This module covers the relevant health and safety legislation for Legionella which you need to be familiar with, including COSHH, RIDOOR and Notification Regulations.

Hazardous Environment This section takes you through the typical sources of Legionella and what comprises a low and high risk environment.

Risk Assessment Risk assessments are critical for understanding and managing Legionella. They need to form part of your business operating procedures – this module shows you how.

Controlling the Risks The final module covers what to do with the results of your risk assessment – namely, implementing changes when necessary to prevent a future outbreak.


Will I receive a certificate for completing the Legionella Awareness course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate once you have completed the course. To complete the course, you must successfully finish the final test that will verify you have learned the key aspects of each module.

You will need to achieve a score of 21 out of 30 or greater on the final exam. You can then download and print out your certificate of completion.

Our certificate is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, which is widely recognised within the hospitality sector.



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