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About the Courses

Health & Safety – Level 2

By law, a basic understanding of health and safety is essential for all employees in all industries to ensure that workplace risks are recognised and managed effectively.

By completing the Health and Safety Level 2 Course you will gain a thorough understanding of health and safety issues at work and learn about the various steps you can take to prevent all kinds of workplace accidents. The course will also provide guidance on the correct course of action if an accident does occur at work.

This course provides an excellent foundation for the development and implementation of health and safety strategies to reduce the risk to yourself and fellow colleagues in a number of industries.

First Aid Awareness

Accidents, injuries and illnesses can occur at any time. Although the risk is higher in certain industries, accidents can happen anywhere and in any workplace. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the basic first aid procedures, so that you can act quickly in an emergency. First aid is an action taken in response to an emergency to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening and to promote recovery. The course will equip you with the essential knowledge to maintain a safe working environment and take the correct action when an emergency arises.

Important Note: The information provided in this course is to make you aware of the importance of First Aid and how to administer basic treatment; however, it does not make you a qualified First Aider.

Fire Safety Awareness

The course covers the essentials of fire safety. This includes understanding what causes fire and what accelerates the spread of fire. It also explores how to prevent fire but what to do should a fire happen to break out. You will also learn the legal responsibilities of people responsible for the safety of others in relation to fire.

Fire is the probably the biggest risk threat to life that most people face at work, with around 50 people being killed and over 2000 seriously injured every year. In order to minimise the risk of fire in the workplace, it is vital that everyone is aware of the common causes of fire and the appropriate actions to take in the event of a fire, including how to escape safely from the scene.