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Colour Coded Chopping Boards - A Guide

Colour Coded Chopping Boards – A Guide

Working with food on a regular basis is something that a lot of people have to do. We think being able to safely prepare and cook the food is of vital importance for the overall well-being of the customers, and the profitability of the business itself. Buy colour coded chopping boards poster.

Obviously, if you want to try and reduce the amount of food safety hazards that crop up in the kitchen, you should have a system in place for how you prepare food. Colour-coded chopping boards are definitely a good idea here, and there are many different colours to pick from. Let’s take a look at what each one means.


The first type of chopping board that we will be looking at today is a red one. If you have a red chopping board out, that means you are going to be working with raw meat and poultry. If you need to cut a piece of meat to cook it, marinate it or debone it, this is the type of board that you will be using. You must use a board like this just for meat because otherwise, you will introduce cross contamination.


 The yellow chopping board is used for cooked meat. So for example, meat has already been cooked that needs chopping up in a more fine way, or preparing cooked fish will be a yellow board job.


The blue chopping board is used for raw fish. So if example, cod, Pollock, salmon, prawns, squid – things like that.


Moving onto white, this is the board that you use for dairy and bakery products. Bread, cheese, pastries, cakes, things like that are all going to be used on the whiteboard. Remember to always wash your whiteboard in between uses, and especially if you are preparing food with an allergen in it.


The green chopping board is used for fruits and vegetables. However, it is necessary to wash the vegetables prior to putting them down onto the board. Cut up fruit, salad items, these are all good candidates for a green chopping board.


The brown chopping board is something which should be used for unwashed root vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, beetroot, these are all vegetables which may still have soil on them, so using a chopping board just for these types of vegetables ensures that there is no dirt on other food.


Finally, you should use the purple board if you’re preparing products that are free from a particular type of food source, like for example gluten-free. This helps to prevent people who may suffer from allergies from coming into contact with them. Remember, good hygiene is vital to prevent cross contamination.

In conclusion, these are just the different types of chopping boards that you may encounter during the workplace. Learning how to identify them, knowing which ones to use, and being able to keep good hygiene practices are all vital components for well-trained and efficient kitchen staff.

what is the red chopping board used for

The red board is used for raw meat and poultry

what is a white chopping board used for

this is the board that you use for dairy and bakery products. Bread, cheese, pastries, cakes

what is a yellow chopping board used for

yellow chopping board is used for cooked meat.


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