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Life Working in a Professional Kitchen

Life Working in a Professional Kitchen

If you thought that your kitchen got busy around dinner time when your aunt and uncle come around, a professional kitchen is something you won’t have ever experienced. They are incredibly busy, high-energy places with half a dozen people all trying to get things done without getting in each other’s way.

Life in a professional kitchen definitely needs some explaining, so let’s take a look at what we can do to explain it for you. Here’s a selection of things you should probably know about life inside the back of your favourite restaurant.

You Need Qualifications

So if you’re going to be working in a professional kitchen, then you need to make sure that you have the qualifications necessary for success. We run a highly engaging Professional Kitchen Skills course, and heavily advocate the importance of having a qualification like it.

Think of the kitchen as being like a ballroom. Everyone there knows the steps to the dance – they duck and weave past each other in harmony, with experience and knowledge to guide their movements. If you blunder in without thinking about it, you can disrupt the whole motion of the kitchen and leave your colleagues in a state of considerable annoyance.

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It’s Always Busy

Life in a professional kitchen is always busy. There’s usually something that needs doing. You’re either preparing a meal or washing up or making sure that there’s enough of each item to meet orders – these tasks all need to be done constantly. It’s a real challenge to try and sit down and do nothing in the world of a professional kitchen, and that’s why people talk about them being “high energy” environments.

It Can Be Very Rewarding Though

A kitchen can be quite a tough place to work, and you may need these qualifications, but it’s also incredibly rewarding if you get it right.

At the end of the day, you’re left with the knowledge that you helped to make all of these incredible dishes and the customers were satisfied. That’s some pretty good job satisfaction, and definitely something to look forward to on a regular basis. You just have to be aware that the steps from the very start of the day to the very end can be quite long. You have to work hard to reach the point where you feel great, and that’s tough to accomplish.

Overall, life in a professional kitchen is tough but rewarding. You have all of these different options to pick from and these choices to sort between, so it is within your interest to prepare for that type of environment. Our Professional Kitchen Skills course is a good idea, because it prepares you for life inside that environment. You’ll never quite be 100% ready for what seems like the unorganised chaos of the kitchen, but when you look a little closer and become part of the environment, you start to see that everything happens for a reason, everything has a purpose, and it can be so rewarding for people to work in this industry and environment.

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