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Coronavirus Awareness course

Coronavirus Awareness Course

The last year has presented unprecedented challenges, including coronavirus, to business owners across the UK and around the world.

As we start to look ahead to the future, it is clear despite the progress of vaccinations that coronavirus will be with us for some time to come.

While the UK is still in a national lockdown, many companies are currently preparing to reopen in the coming weeks and are looking for support to ensure they are doing all they can to keep staff and customers safe.

In the UK, the government has released a COVID-19 roadmap, detailing the current plan for when and how companies can legally reopen, including the hospitality industry.

However, many of the practical questions managers and other staff may have are not covered by this document.

We have prepared a Coronavirus Awareness course to address some of the issues that coronavirus raises for businesses, provide factual information and guidance for companies preparing for the future. All the information is based on official current government and NHS guidance.

If you have questions about the Coronavirus Awareness Course please visit our FAQ page or email our team and we will be happy to help.

How can I learn more about coronavirus and what it means for my business?

The Training Terminal was established to provide comprehensive and high-quality training materials online to hospitality staff around the world. We provide training on a range of topics including Health and Safety and Business Skills.

Just like with our other online courses, the Coronavirus Awareness course can be completed as quickly or slowly as you wish. Once you have bought the course, it remains open and the short modules can be worked through at your own pace.

The Coronavirus Awareness course takes approximately two hours to complete. Because you can complete it from home or wherever you have access to a computer, you can fit it in around your other commitments.

We also offer group training which can be managed centrally from our online portal. If you want to ensure your staff complete the course, we can share log in credentials which then allow you to oversee who has taken the course and send reminders to those who haven’t.

What will I learn from the Coronavirus Awareness Course?

The Coronavirus Awareness course has been designed to offer a full analysis of coronavirus as a disease and what can be done to prevent transmission. The course focuses on practical workplace measures that can be implemented and advice on best practice.

The course also includes recognising symptoms and hygiene steps that should be adopted in addition to usual health and safety measures.

The modules covered in the Coronavirus Awareness course include:

Coronavirus as a disease An overview of what is currently known and its impact on health and broader society.

Symptoms This module covers how to recognise signs of infection in employees and customers.

Transmission This section will cover how coronavirus is transmitted and what can be done to minimise transmission, such as cleaning surfaces, maintaining social distance and mask wearing.

Prevention Minimising risk of coronavirus is covered more fully in this module. We provide the latest health advice in an easy to absorb format on how to wash hands appropriately and when to self-isolate.

Isolating guests This module is specifically for hotel staff who may have to manage self-isolating guests. How to minimise interactions and safeguard other guests as well as staff is covered in line with the latest government advice.

Best practice in the workplace The final module covers do’s and don’ts, how to conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment and staff policies; such as working from home and social distancing.

The course enrolment is rolling so you can begin whenever you would like. Once you have bought the course via the online portal, you can browse the full modules and training materials.


Do I receive an accreditation for completing the Coronavirus Awareness course?

Yes, participants who complete the course can receive a certificate. To finalise participation, course members will be requested to complete a test that verifies you have absorbed the course material adequately.

To receive a certificate which you can download and print, you will need to achieve a score of 21 out of 30 or greater on the final test.

Our certificate is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, which is widely recognised within the hospitality sector.



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