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3 May 2021

Legionella Awareness course

For companies that own, operate or manage their own water systems, remaining vigilant against contagions and infectious diseases is paramount. The safety of drinking water is important for overall public health. Anyone who has oversight over water systems has a stake in responsibility for this precious resource, as well as a legal responsibility to ensure...
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12 Mar 2021

Coronavirus Awareness Course

The last year has presented unprecedented challenges, including coronavirus, to business owners across the UK and around the world. As we start to look ahead to the future, it is clear despite the progress of vaccinations that coronavirus will be with us for some time to come. While the UK is still in a national...
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1 Mar 2021

Employment Law Course

For business owners, and others working in the hospitality sector, there are endless demands. It can sometimes feel like you need to become an expert in numerous fields, all while trying to run your business. This includes Employment Law. For companies with employees, ensuring you have a good understanding of employment law is paramount. Your...
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16 Jan 2021

Health, Mental Well-being and Stress in Hospitality – The Facts

It’s not exactly a secret that the hospitality industry is a pretty big one. With nearly half the working population in some kind of hospitality position, at least prior to COVID-19, the sector had no real limits. Yet, the one thing that we never really saw was any kind of real conversation about stress, mental...
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30 Dec 2020

The Top Reasons For a Good COSHH Habit

The control of substances hazardous to health or COSHH is an essential checklist that people have to go through to ensure that they protect all of the customers and staff in the premises they operate from. As hazardous materials can come in many different shapes and sizes, it’s important to make sure that you perform...
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